What's in a brand?

New city, new market, and new self-awareness has brought me to this point...


As I dove into the process of marketing my business in the Twin Cities, I grew more and more in my personal understanding of who I am as a photographer. My heart leaps at the opportunity to be creative, to capture relationships, and to show off your beauty, unedited. I'm always a fan of a clean photograph with high contrast and bold colors. I love playing in the natural light that saturates your home and your hobbies. 

Throughout this process, I began to see the ways I had outgrown my logo.

E Logo-name.jpg

I developed this logo when I was first considering branding myself as a photographer. I liked the bold 'E' with a little flare. Yet when I started implementing the logo with my photographs, something didn't fit. The logo seemed harsh against the softness of my photographs, of your relationships.

So I started to dream up something new, something that could stand alone but could also work with the photographs that fill this site.

And so I introduce you to the new:

2016 Earley Brand.jpg

The new includes aspects of the old. The most obvious in these two versions is the pop of color to the classic shades of black. What might not be as obvious is the hexagonal shape. You see, the triangles on my business cards are actually just part of a hexagon.

I love the idea of the untold story; I love that a photograph captures a limited perspective, leaving room for uncaptured moments held sacred between you and your loves.

Why a hexagon?

It's just one piece of geometry that we see in nature. I love that God instilled in me a love for His creation, and as such I am able to admire God's use of line to create honeycomb. It's just a small part of the big picture that it serves.

Similarly, inside the camera lens you'll often see some sort of polygon. There are blades that make up the aperture, which closes inward to capture the photograph when the shutter is released. A lens with 6 blades would likely be seen in cheaper lenses while more blades mean higher quality. All that being said, a 5- or 6-bladed aperture is where the very first photographers would have started; it's proof that we don't need the fanciest equipment to create beautiful art.

And so the hexagon is reference to my heart seeking after God's heart - His heart for creating and creation. And so I create through the lens of a camera.

And finally, the font:

My own handwriting often consists of print meeting cursive. It's messy and chaotic and imperfect. And yet it's uniquely me. While I didn't create my own font, I valued that the font I chose combines elements of my own handwriting, including the capitol cursive E that I use every time I sign my name.

My hope is that these details, rooted in my values and vision, will help me to stay on track as I seek to create for so much more than a job or popularity. I create because it excites me; it's a desire ingrained somewhere deep inside. I create because friends and family and strangers encourage my passion. I create because I want others to see the beauty I see in them. I create because though the camera captures just a part of a memory, a photograph triggers the recall of entire stories and lives. I create because photography is just one area that keeps me growing and learning.

I create to tell stories, share stories, and live out these stories.

Thanks for reading, and more importantly, thanks for sharing your life unfolding before my lens.

Y'all rock.