2nd Anniversary | St. Paul, MN

Last year, James and I enjoyed a nice trek through Chester Woods Park on our first wedding anniversary. During that time, we paused to soak up the evening light...and by soak up I mean whip out my camera and use the truck hood as a tripod to take a photo. It was awesome light! So, today, on our second wedding anniversary, I thought we ought to try and make a tradition out of taking a new photo every anniversary. This time light was not on our side as our busy day got us home late in the evening. But, with a real tripod this time around, we took a few photos at dusk in the backyard of our home. These two years of marriage have brought a lot of character development, lessons in communication, support for each other's dreams, and our very first home purchase after making the move up to the cities. So here we are, using what little light we have after waving our hands at our motion-detecteing lights to document our second anniversary. Oh, and James being his weird self pretending to eat leaves ;)

And just for fun, here's a photo from our 1st anniversary!