Christmas here, there, and everywhere | 2017

Our decorated home with gifts wrapped and placed neatly under the tree has now transitioned into new treasures strewn about the house and a fridge full of leftovers. Christmas 2017 was a full one with three family meals and some more gifts still waiting to be shared.  Here are a few of my favorite moments >>>

Davin's Urban Senior Sesh in Uptown | Minneapolis, MN

Davin is a spunky senior that we (James and I) know from our days of youth ministry in Rochester. When he reached out for senior portraits, I was pretty excited. When I found out he wanted to some urban photos up in the Twin Cities, I was ecstatic! We faced the chilly morning temps to adventure Uptown, and only had to do one stint with the car heater before venturing out again (being able to feel your fingers is pretty necessary for working a camera!).

Thanks for making the trip up here, Davin! Congrats on your final year of high school :)

The Wood Family at the Landmark Center | Saint Paul, MN

This family, I tell ya! They have a special place in my heart as they've been so supportive of me since our college days. From bridal shower photos, to the blessing of a long-awaited maternity shoot, to these precious photoshoots documenting the precious growth of Oliver. Seeing Sam again, she jokingly said that I'm going to get sick of them, but really it's just the opposite. I so love their easy-nature, willingness to embrace the chaos, and appreciation of the in-between moments I capture. Each photoshoot with this family is a blessing, and bringing along Eric's family meant some moment captured and memories cherish. This family is pure gold, y'all.

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Welcome Faye! | Saint Paul, MN

When there's a newborn involved, she's bound to get her way. That meant three mid-session feedings and lots of snuggles, and I wouldn't have it any other way! Faye was alert and focused on mommy and daddy the entire session. After her third feeding, she finally shut those beautiful eyes for a couple of sweet photos and an opportunity to hold her in my arms. Allie,'ve got a gem! (Check out their maternity pictures, too!)

Introducing Faye Margaret Stewart at one week >>>

The Danielsons | Saint Paul, MN

Henrik is a toddler with his own personality shining through! He's a great example of why I don't set standards or expectations for a photoshoot. Henrik was skeptical of me, worried that mom and dad were headed on a date, and a wee bit sick with a lingering ear infection. And yet, this is Henrik. These are his regular emotions and concerns and facial expressions, and I love that we could capture all sides of him, even some of his happy-go-lucky side! Jenny and Alec, you have a beautiful family and I'm grateful for the way you embraced those snuggles and adventured to places where Henrik could find his smile :)